Academic Spanish

Online Spanish classes with a live teacher offer the best way to improve your performance at school or university. You can either take regular classes throughout the semester to supplement what you are learning in the classroom, or you can take a few classes before an upcoming exam to make sure that you are absolutely prepared to do well and pass with flying colors!

learning Spanish from textbook

Here are some advantages of supplementing your classroom learning with online Spanish classes.

  • Your online teacher can cover the material you are learning in class with you to make sure you understand it well.
  • Your online teacher can suggest additional materials and exercises to work on.
  • You will put your classroom learning into practice with your online teacher and get way ahead in terms of being able to communicate well in Spanish.
  • You can take additional classes before an exam to be well prepared.
  • You will gain additional insight from working with a live teacher about Latin culture and history.
  • You will become familiar with additional resources that you can draw on to improve your Spanish skills.
  • You will gain in confidence in understanding and speaking Spanish and feel more comfortable using the language


Online Spanish classes with a live teacher, either on a regular basis or in a more concentrated burst for an upcoming exam, will give you a strong advantage in comparison with your peers. Your communication skills in Spanish will be much stronger, and your online teacher can make sure that you have the understanding of the grammar necessary to ace your exams!