Beginner Spanish Grammar

Spanish grammar for beginners

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Beginner Grammar Lessons in Spanish

These Spanish grammar lessons and notes have been prepared by our professional Spanish tutors. You can work through them one by one as they are in order of difficulty for beginner Spanish students. We are adding new lessons all the time.

1A Spanish pronunciation guide
2Nouns and articles in Spanish grammar
3The verb "ser"
4The verb "estar"
5"Ser" and "Estar" in Spanish
6To be: Ser, Estar, Tener, Hacer & Haber
7Adjectives in Spanish
8Parts of Speech in Spanish
9Questions in Spanish
10Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish
11Comparative Pronouns in Spanish - SOON!
12Possessive Adjectives
13Possessive pronouns in Spanish
14Exclamations in Spanish
15Indefinite Pronouns
16The Numbers in Spanish
17Ordinal Numbers
18The Present Tense
19Irregular Verbs in Spanish
20To Know - Saber & Conocer
21Likes and Dislikes - Gustar
22Defective verbs in Spanish
23Reflexive & Reciprocal Verbs
24"Pero" and "Sino" in Spanish
25The Imperative in Spanish
26Direct Object Pronouns
27Indirect Object Pronouns
28Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns - SOON!
29Affirmatives and Negatives
30Adverbs in Spanish
31Affirmative & Negative Imperatives - SOON!
32Regular and Irregular Imperatives - SOON!
33Relative Pronouns in Spanish - SOON!
34Prepositions - "Con" & "Contra"
35Prepositions in Spanish - SOON!
36The preterite tense in Spanish grammar
37Preterite regular verbs
38Verbs that change meaning in preterite
39Preterite stem-changing verbs
40Preterite verbs with orthographic changes
41A review of the preterite tense
42The imperfect tense
43Idiomatic expressions with "tener"

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