Realidades E-Books

Realidades e-books are a great option for young students who want to learn Spanish through interesting topic-based materials suitable for their age and special interests. The books focus on the development of communicative competence as well as fostering the improvement of language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). Each module offers a wide variety of subjects that also allow them to become familiar with the Spanish-speaking culture and traditions.

Realidades e-books will give young students the opportunity to identify and engage with the situations, characters and topics of the book as well as be encouraged to share their own likes and opinions and have fun learning Spanish.

Realidades Book A and B, front covers

Realidades A and B - New Edition 2014

Realidades A and B are middle school books designed for the younger learners. The content of these books is the same as Realidades 1 but adapted for kids with more suitable pictures and activities. Once the young learners complete both coursebooks, they are ready to continue with Realidades 2. Now Realidades A and B are available in two editions, 2011 and the new 2014 edition, with bright colors and modern photos.

Realidades Book 1, front cover

Realidades 1 New Edition 2014

In Realidades Book 1 the student will work on various topics such as school, classroom, weather, friends, food, leisure, celebrations, the house, shopping, holidays and communication.

Grammatical points covered include the infinitives; agreeing and disagreeing; word order; subject pronouns; present tenses; plural forms of nouns and articles; plural of adjectives; possessive adjectives; comparisons; the superlative; the present progressive; irregular verbs; the preterite, and many more.

In each of these learning units a balanced combination of grammar, vocabulary and communication is offered, in order to develop not only accuracy but also fluency. There are multiple opportunities for the learner to practice the language through simple role-playing situations or drilling activities in which they will be able to share their likes and opinions about activities, food, etc., and describe situations and places.

Realidades Book 2, front cover

Realidades 2 - New Edition 2014

Realidades Book 2 follows the same pattern as Realidades 1, varying the topics and teaching more complex grammatical points. The topic-based modules cover: personality, nationalities and countries; school; routines; clothes and the human body; the city; means of transport; memories; childhood; celebrations; news; and Heroes.

As part of the grammar content, the students will become familiar with present tenses (regular and irregular); oomparisons; time expressions; cardinal numbers; reflexive verbs; the preterite; prepositions; direct object pronouns; commands; the imperfect tense; and others.

Each learning module offers a balanced combination of grammar, vocabulary an communication. For instance, when learning about shopping the student learns verbs to describe what you buy, vocabulary about clothes, and they are then prepared to talk about the things they have bought while shopping.

Realidades Book 3, front cover

Realidades 3 - New Edition 2014

In Realidades Book 3 the learner moves forward to a higher level of Spanish, learning about Life in the present and in the past; celebrations and events; outdoor activities; art, theatre and concerts; food and health; personality; relationships; places; jobs and others.

This e-book teaches more complex grammar points such as the preterite and the imperfect; direct and indirect object pronouns; the present subjunctive; reflexive pronouns; 'por' and 'para'; possessive pronouns; present perfect; past perfect; demonstrative adjectives; and pronouns.

Moreover, and to connect this content with the communicative goal, students will learn how to discuss and talk about opinions regarding free-time activities and eating habits, description of relationships with other people, and many more.

Good news! Realidades 3, New Edition, is now available for our Spanish classes. Recommended for young students, this updated version of the book brings lively and colorful pages full of themes capturing the students' attention during the class. As in the previous edition, it includes several units that cover a variety of topics of interest to children, and a complete introduction to different grammar and vocabulary areas for level 3.

Realidades Book 4, front cover

Realidades 4 - New Edition 2014

Realidades 4 is the new E-book of the Realidades' series, recently added to our list of study materials we provide our students for free. As part of the new topical areas students will learn we can find fashion, technology and progress, human rights, personality and individuality, relationships, celebrities and shows, human diversity, culinary arts, society and its complexity, employment and economy, spare time, and general conversation topics.

In this e-book there are also more advanced grammar areas to work with such as describing in the past, mentioning past actions and narrating in the past; predicting the future and expressing hope and desire; expressing opinion and preferences; describing yourself, other people, things and situations; using the present perfect to describe what has happened; using the past perfect to describe actions that had or had not happened before something else; making comparisons; giving instructions; talking about possibilities; using the present perfect continuous to express how long something has been going on; expressing hypothesis in the past and regrets; impersonal sentences; speculating; reported speech in the present and past; exaggerating, and many more.

As this collection of E-books always focuses on communication and fluency, learners will have the opportunity to discuss about trends and their influence, about environmental problems and about human rights and charity; to talk about themselves and others, about communication, relationships and entertainment; to discuss race and gender; to talk about foods and recipes; to talk about crime and safety; to discuss decisions related to careers; to talk about trips and hobbies and to talk about progress and changes in the 21st century.

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