The Spanish Prepositions 'Con' and 'Contra'

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Las presposiciones 'con' y 'contra'

It is important to learn the different prepositions used in Spanish grammar as they are very common and varied. Do you know how to use the Spanish prepositions con and contra?

Con (with) is generally used to indicate the content of something, what accompanies something or someone, or where something is attached, and it usually has a positive connotation.

On the other hand, the preposition contra (against) can be used to express rejection or disapproval, so it is generally negative.

Contra can also mean to lie against something, to lean against a wall for example.

After you have studied the notes and explanations, you can practice the use of con and contra with the exercises below.

Con is used...

  • indicate content:
    Me gusta el café con leche. I like coffee with milk.
    Traje un pan con jamón. I brought bread with ham.
  • indicate accompaniment:
    Ella vendrá con su familia a la fiesta. She will come with her family to the party.
  • indicate the way we do something:
    Él cortó el pan con un tenedor en lugar de un cuchillo. He cut the bread with a fork instead of a knife.
    Ella hizo ese mantel con punto de cruz. She made that tablecloth with cross-stich.
  • indicate that something is attached:
    Las fotografías están con el informe. The photos are in the report.
  • ...instead of using the gerund e.g. "con enojarte" may be used instead of "enojándote":
    Con enojarte no solucionas el problema = enojándote no solucionas el problema.
    By getting angry you will not solve the problem = getting angry will not solve the problem.

Contra is used...

  • indicate oposition, rejection, disapproval:
    Lamentablemente los jóvenes casi siempre están contra los padres. Unfortunately, young people are usually against their parents.
    Los soldados lucharon contra el enemigo. The soldiers fought against the enemy.
    Nosotros fuimos a la fiesta contra nuestra voluntad. We went to the party against our will.
  • ...indiate physical proximity:
    El se recostó contra la pared. He leaned against the wall.

Exercises using 'con' and 'contra'

Fill in the gaps using con or contra

Ejercicios: Completa las frases con con o contra.

1. Le hablaré  quiz answeralegría para que vea que no estoy enojada.

2. Las leyes en Guatemala están  quiz answerel aborto.

3. El niño se lastimó  quiz answerel timón de la bicicleta.

4. Al perder los frenos chocó  quiz answerlos árboles.

5. El pepián se prepara  quiz answercualquier tipo de carne

6. En decisiones Sara siempre está  quiz answersu hermana.

7. Al ver el estado de cuentas  quiz answerla información detallada, quedó satisfecha.

8. Al sentirse mareada se apoyó  quiz answermí porque sentía que se caía.

9.  quiz answerlevantarte más temprano solucionarás el problema

10. Juan está actuando  quiz answersus creencias.



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