Spanish conversation practice online

An informal way to practice your Spanish online.

We can partner you with qualified Spanish teachers for personal lessons. Our teachers are natives of Latin America and Spain and have extensive background in education so you learn Spanish fast. Many of our clients use conversation practice as a way to maintain their level when they have limited contact with Spanish speakers.

Not everyone is cut out for formal grammar and a structured school environment, so we offer you an enjoyable way to learn and practice your Spanish. You decide how you want the lesson to be conducted.

Here is a typical example of how we provide Spanish conversation practice online. The student is engaged in a conversation with the teacher giving the client ample "student talk time"; as the student makes mistakes the teacher will give verbal feedback or use the chat box correcting the word or sentence structure. This provides an unobtrusive form of correction for students while they are talking without interrupting. In addition to this, students are not belittled into feeling that mistakes are worse than they are.

We have clients worldwide who use our online Spanish classes daily or weekly to maintain a high level of proficiency. Many are students who have attended classroom lessons previously in other schools and now continue online. They may already know Spanish grammar and need someone to talk to in Spanish so that their fluency as well as accuracy develops. Our Spanish conversation practice fits perfectly with their learning needs.

Another great advantage of our Spanish conversation program is friendship and cultural exchange. Many of our clients have made great personal friendships with our teachers and have traveled to Latin America and Spain to meet them in person. Most clients and teachers converse about subjects ranging from their family, pets, school and business to general day to day activities affecting them. This shows a greater cultural understanding which is important in language learning.

How it works

Our Spanish conversation practice classes 50 minutes in duration, which gives you ample time to practice without getting overly tired. Our booking calendar enables you to reserve a class with short notice for those of you on the go.

You can book conversation sessions with your preferred tutor at any time and as few or as many sessions each week to suit your changing schedule, although of course we recommend a regular schedule for maximum benefit.