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The Spanish verb SER

El verbo SER

These notes on Spanish grammar cover the verb 'SER' (to be) and are accompanied by a video and interactive exercises.

The Spanish verb SER is used, for example, to describe people. We use it to express someone's name, personality, appearance, nationality. Unlike English, it has six different forms, one for each pronoun. It is an irregular verb. It is important to differentiate it from the verb ESTAR. Both verbs are translated as the verb 'to be' in English, but SER is more permanent than ESTAR.

When we talk about or describe someone, we use the verb SER:

La alumna es colombiana. The student is Colombian.

El profesor es venezolano. The teacher is Venezuelan.

Los amigos son simpáticos. The friends are nice.

Ella es María. She is María.

PronounVerb form
Él, Ella, Ustedes
Nosotros, Nosotrassomos
Vosotros, vosotrassois
Ellos, Ellas, Ustedesson

Use 'yo' to talk about ourselves: Yo soy Gimena. I am Gimena.

Use 'tú' to talk to another person, like 'you' in English. ¿Tú eres salvadoreña? Are you Salvadoran?

Use 'él' to talk about men and boys, like 'he' in English. Él es Mario. Él es muy simpático. He is Mario. He is very nice.

Use 'ella' to talk about women and girls, like 'she'. Ella es Julia. Ella es muy seria. She is Julia. She is very serious.

Use 'usted' to show respect. ¿Usted es el Sr. (señor) Gómez? Are you Mr. Gómez?

Use 'nosotros' to talk about ourselves. Nosotros somos amigos. We are friends.

In Spain, use 'vosotros' to speak to more than one person informally. ¿Vosotros sois estudiantes? Are you students?

Use use 'ellos' to talk about more than one person. Ellos son de Ecuador. They are from Ecuador.

Use 'ellas' to talk about more than one woman. Ellas son profesoras. They are teachers.

In Spain, use 'ustedes' to address more than one person formally. ¿Ustedes son de Madrid? Are you from Madrid?

In Latin America, use 'ustedes' to address more than one person formally or informally. ¿Ustedes son de Perú? Are you from Peru?

Spanish grammar: the verb SER. Another free Spanish grammar video from 121Spanish

Interactive Exercise

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb SER.

Note: Try to use the correct written accents if you can e.g.: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ü.

If you don't know the correct answer, type '?' to reveal it.

1. Yo  quiz answerMaría.

2. ¿Tú  quiz answerde Paraguay?

3. Él  quiz answerboliviano.

4. Ella  quiz answerchilena.

5. Nosotras  quiz answeramigas.

6. Nosotros  quiz answerperezosas (ellos).

7. Vosotros  quiz answeralumnos ambiciosos.

8. Ellos  quiz answermuy simpáticos.

9. Ellas  quiz answermuy antipáticas.

Topics covered in this lesson

The verb SER in Spanish. How to conjugate verb SER. Present tense forms of the verb SER. Comparisons of SER and ESTAR.



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