Home School Spanish

Tuition for home school students is simple now as we provide top quality tutors who can advance your child's spoken and written Spanish quickly. Home schooling your child is a difficult but rewarding task, and with our teaching professionals we make it easier for you. Our home school program gives you the ability to control their learning environment with access to native tutors who can not only teach them about the language but cultural values as well. (Many Spanish software programs are culturally sterile.)

Our learning program allows the flexibility to adapt to your requirements and child's learning needs. Select a time that is most convenient using our online booking calendar. You can read each teacher's profile with the option of selecting any of our tutors. You also have the ability to change tutors at any time you wish. We have a full curriculum that is designed using the latest techniques in language learning utilizing a communicative approach with less focus on grammar rules. This provides them with a 'real world' language that will be more useful to them in everyday situations.

If you already have special learning material that you would like to use, just scan and send it to the teacher. They can then work through this, assign homework if requested and give you regular updates of how your child is improving.

We provide you with a free trial Spanish lesson so that you can see for yourself.

Tips for home schooling children online:

  • Keep the learning environment distraction free (no TV, games or X-Box close by!)
  • Siblings and friends need to be kept out of the room;
  • Either sit with your child while they learn then leave them to it. (No one likes someone looking over their shoulder while they are concentrating.)
  • Pick a class time when your child is most alert so that they can absorb information better.
  • Ask them what they learnt and show a genuine interest by providing positive reinforcement and encouragement.
  • Test the Internet connection before the start of the class, so there are no problems.
  • Have a regular schedule for a Spanish class and stick to it.

Please contact 121Spanish so that we can help your child to learn Spanish quickly and enjoyably.