Bringing Spanish to life for School Children of all ages!

121Spanish offers Spanish for homeschooled children from 5 years old and upwards.
Our professional native Spanish speaking tutors are especially selected for their ability to engage younger students in the process of learning to communicate in Spanish.
We use the best moderm materials and an integrated learning platform to create an educational space that is engaging and productive for children, and ideal for homeschool Spanish.

Learning Spanish from home is simple and efficient

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Why Live Classes?

- While there are plenty of free resources online for learning Spanish, taking live classes with a professional Spanish teacher is invaluable for creating a structure and pacing your child's progress.
- Your child's teacher will create a lesson plan to fulfill your learning goals for your child.
- The teacher will introduce appropriate learning materials according to personal interests.

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Make it Happen!

1. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL CLASS with no obligation
2. Choose a teacher day and time that suits your schedule for the class
3. Receive a special FIRST PURCHASE offer from us to get your child started
4. Purchase additional credits to use whenever you need them
(lessons are flexible and you can reserve them on a regular or semi-regular basis)

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How Long is a Lesson?

- Lessons can be either 25 or 50 minutes long.
- We recommend the 50-minutes as methodologically superior (for the brain to commit new information to long-term memory requires anchoring to existing knowledge through repetition from various modalities. This is much more effective in a longer lesson, and means that more will be retained between lessons).

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Our Learning Materials

- We have partnered with Ouino Spanish to offer their amazing Spanish-learning App as part of our lessons, and also as an extra tool that your child can use to practice and learn on their own.
- In addition each teacher has gathered their own favorite and tested materials from the web to offer to younger students as appropriate.
- But we can also work with specific textbooks if you prefer.

school pupils learn spanish online


Meet our Teachers for Children!