Learn Spanish for Business

As well as Spanish for general, conversational, travel, medical, and academic purposes, we provide online courses in Spanish for business professionals from beginner to advanced levels.

Nowadays companies work on global platforms, so communication is key to gaining an edge and retaining new markets.

We focus on effective communication in business situations both for formal meetings and for field work. Spanish lessons can be taken where and when it suits you or your staff - from home, office desk or even a hotel room - wherever there is an internet connection.

Utilizing additional lines of communication is something every business big or small should take advantage of. The more languages you can use in your business the more customers you can reach.

In a tight economy it makes it even tougher to find customers, so you need to expand to outside venues.

The good news is that you can learn a valuable language quickly and easily using our service. Simply schedule your lessons online using our booking calendar or book classes for multiple employees. They automatically receive an email 24hrs before a class reminding them of a pending lesson.

If you can communicate in Spanish, how many business doors would you be opening? As there are more native speakers of Spanish than English in the world today. Your business will always prosper when you can communicate with a larger client base.

Our teaching program has been structured on reducing learning time for clients. We realize that everyone has a busy schedule and adding language learning is a difficult task. You may want to only take a couple of lessons so you can at least greet them in Spanish producing a good first impression. (It shows you care and have more international experience.)

You are able to take lessons when the time suits you best, not according to someone else's timetable. Simply go on line at the time you schedule and participate in your class. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. You maybe be delayed in an airport with nothing to do, just contact us and we can usually arrange a teacher for you right away.

By having a command of Spanish opens up the doors to so many possibilities, through new business or social contacts.

  • A bigger target market to sell to.
  • The opportunity to start a second online business that caters to many ethnic groups.
  • Better communication with some of your own employees.
  • The possibility of hiring support staff in a number of other countries and being able to communicate with them.
  • The opportunity to expand your product line to cater to the needs of other countries where people speak Spanish.

It just makes a smart business decision, as everyone wants to grow and increase business.

In many cases businesses will pay for staff training, so ask your employer today. We can arrange a staff package or discounts for companies, so contact us for more information.