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Personal Spanish lessons online from qualified teachers

121Spanish provides personal lessons in Spanish for learners all over the world using Skype video conferencing. Our flexible one-to-one Spanish lessons help you to learn quickly and achieve confidence and fluency in Spanish. This method of learning Spanish is both enjoyable and cost-effective.
We welcome students from all over the world and different language backgrounds. Our tutors will enable you begin or improve your fluency and understanding of Spanish in no time at all.

Individual online Spanish classes

We use a modern and eco-friendly approach to learning a language, using the Internet, to save you time and money and to enhance your learning of Spanish, especially your fluency and confidence in speaking Spanish. Learning Spanish with 121Spanish is a friendly, interactive process. You and your tutor communicate directly online using Skype video-conferencing. Skype is free anywhere in the world.

Only USD $13.32-$16.65
(about € 12,50 euro)
for a 50-minute lesson

Our lessons are top quality but our prices are low because our teachers are based in Latin America where the cost of living is relatively low. You save time and money by taking lessons directly, using your computer and the Internet to communicate live with your personal Spanish tutor via Skype.

What's special about Spanish lessons with 121Spanish tutors?

Learning with 121Spanish has lots of benefits for you:

Expert Spanish Lessons

All of our Spanish teachers are expert native speakers with certifications or diplomas in language teaching and linguistics, so you get expert assistance in every lesson.

We have multiple Spanish lesson plans to give you a curriculum that is appropriate for your level that will be combined with conversation to get you learning fast!

Our teachers are all well-qualified and highly experienced language teachers.

You receive high quality language notes and exercises which you can print and build up your personal language file.

Learn Spanish for children

121Spanish have carefully selected staff who specialize in providing online Spanish lessons for kids. You can be confident that your children or grandchildren will learn fluent Spanish in no time at all and have fun while learning from the convenience and safety of their own home.

Learn Spanish for specific purposes

We have developed our online Spanish teaching to meet the needs of specific types of language learners as well as for general purposes.

Spanish for business clients

We can provide intensive courses in Spanish for business clients from beginner to advanced, including "brush-up" or "refresher" courses. We focus on effective communication in business situations including making the right impression when meeting international clients, identifying customers' needs and dealing with suppliers, giving presentations, expressing a persuasive opinion in meetings, for example. And of course, 121Spanish Spanish lessons can be taken where and when it suits you - in your home, at your office desk or even in your hotel room.

As well as taking Spanish lessons with us, you can also use your 121Spanish tutorial session as helpful support and a resource for you to consult whenever you need native-speaker expertise.

Basic Spanish for essential service workers

We offer specially adapted lessons particularly suited to the needs of government, public service, police, fire, welfare, prison and hospital workers, etc. The curriculum is specially chosen for effective communication in work situations, asking questions in the right way, understanding the answers and giving instructions. You can also gain understanding of cultural aspects that affect the way people interact in the workplace.

We can arrange classes to fit in with your changing work hours and shift patterns so that you can get Spanish lessons for essential service workers when it suits you.

Free Trial Spanish Lessons

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Whatever your level, from beginner to advanced, you will find online lessons with 121Spanish a highly effective way to learn and improve your Spanish.

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