Online Spanish lessons for kids

Spanish lessons online for children!

If you are looking for how to teach your child Spanish, 121Spanish offers live online Spanish classes for children from 5 years old and upwards. Children adapt well to the online learning environment, and working regularly with a friendly and engaging Spanish teacher increases their confidence and ability rapidly.


Tiara has been taking lessons with 121Spanish for 6 years. 2009/2015

A big difference between 121Spanish and others is that we use a professional learning platform (way better than Skype!) for the classes that allows greater interaction, with shared whiteboard and drawing, screen sharing, PowerPoint presentations, documents and PDFs, videos and games, and the option to record the class. Children are engaged and learn through being presented with information via different modalities to shift the learning to long-term memory.

Our teachers can build up your child's confidence, develop fluency, help with homework, prepare your child for a test, correct pronunciation or assist with grammar - and have fun too!

Our Spanish tutors for children.

Our skilled tutors are experts at using online methods for teaching kids Spanish.

We are also actively developing sections of our website to present extra learning materials for children and teens (see under the "RESOURCES" tab). These integrated learning materials offer short lessons, quizzes, readings and videos that younger students can either work through on their own or with their teacher.

New materials are added each week. Teachers can also suggest additional online resources for parents keen to offer their children new opportunities to engage with the Spanish language.

Kids learn Spanish from home!

One of the great advantages of taking Spanish classes online with 121Spanish is that children can take lessons from the safety of their home, allowing parents time for other important daily activities. There's no need to drive kids miles to a Spanish school or teacher or have home tutors coming to your house! Our Spanish classes also work perfectly for home-schoolers as parents can work with the teacher to ensure that their kids are getting exactly the kinds of lessons they prefer.

Your child can have their personal Spanish lessons while still at home, and as the parent you can see and hear the progress of the classes while you attend to other activities.

Children love using our online platform to learn Spanish!

Children learn quickly on a one-to-one basis. The lesson is a live 50-minute video conference at a time to suit you and your child. One to one teaching by webcam and microphone means the tutor can give undivided attention and adapt to your child's individual needs.

You can schedule your child's lessons at times to suit personal, school and other commitments. You can schedule more or fewer classes at different times of the year, and cancel and re-book (minimum 24 hours notice) if something urgent or last-minute comes up.

What does 121Spanish offer your child to learn Spanish?

  • Online Spanish lessons at a time and place to suit you and your child.
  • Curriculum and methods particularly suited to the needs of youngsters.
  • Low cost, high quality and great flexibility.
  • Working at the child's own pace, building on his or her strengths and preferred learning styles.
  • Immediate feedback, sympathetic encouragement and high expectations from the tutor.
  • 121Spanish Spanish will provide a professionally qualified teacher with specific experience and expertise in teaching kids via the virtual classroom.

A free trial lesson for your child!

Yes! We would be delighted to offer you and your child a free trial Spanish lesson without obligation.
After that, you can purchase credits for classes that you can book for any day and time that suits your schedule.

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