General Spanish Courses

Our general courses, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, offer options suitable for any student interested in studying Spanish. Whether you are a beginner starting from scratch and looking for a teacher who can help you learn the basics, or if you are already studying Spanish and are looking for a course that takes you to the next level, we can provide the best solutions.

Spanish Beginners Level

In these one-to-one classes students become familiar with the basic Spanish structures and able to hold basic conversations in daily situations. At this level students are capable of understanding daily phrases and expressions in common situations such as describing themselves and their family, shopping, talking about jobs and places.

Intermediate Spanish

The students are able to understand and produce oral and written texts in various types of situations about topics the students are familiar with such as jobs, studies and daily life, and they can interact in situations where the language described above is commonly seen and used, such as describing events, talking about wishes, expressing their opinions, and so on. At this level communication is no longer difficult, and the students can succeed in having conversations about various topics, including specific vocabulary about certain areas.

Advanced Spanish

At this level, student are capable of understanding long and complex texts, and to deduce their meaning from context. They can express themselves fluently and accurately in social, academic and professional areas. Regarding their writing abilities, they can produce clear, structured and detailed texts about complex topics. They can express themselves naturally in Spanish and achieve very high levels of fluency as they move towards mastering the language.