Prices for Spanish lessons

Classes are 50 minutes and the cost is from $14.87 to $17.50 per class, with discounts when buying in bulk.
We also announce special offers a few times per year for additional savings!

Take advantage of our "First Purchase" offer with up to 30% discount!

One class


Your first introductory class is totally free.

  • 5 classes just $87.50
  • 50-minute class
  • One-on-one Skype class

10+ classes


Total for 10 classes $166.20. You save $8.20.

  • 5% discount
  • 50-minute class
  • One-on-one Skype class

20+ classes


Total for 20 classes $315.00. You save $35.00.

  • 10% discount
  • 50-minute class
  • One-on-one Skype class

40+ classes


Total for 40 classes $595.00. You save $105.00.

  • 15% discount
  • 50-minute class
  • One-on-one Skype class


Any classes already paid for will be kept at the old price?


Are there any hidden costs or additional taxes?

No, the price we publish is the price you pay.

Is my Credit Card secure?

Yes, your information is absolutely secure. Here's what protection we have installed to keep your information secure: The payment page where you enter your credit card information is a secure page (note the https).
We have partnered with as our merchant card processor to handle all of your card information. processes payments in excess of 2 billion dollars a year. For details of the paments processing security, please read our Privacy & Security page.

Where is my payment information held?

All of your credit card information is held on secure servers in the USA. The only information our teachers and staff have access to are email, phone number, name and address so we know the time zone you are located in. We value your privacy and never share this information with outside companies.

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How long are my paid classes valid?

Classes paid for are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Do you have more questions?

You have our full contact information of email, phone, Skype, physical location.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 121Spanish so that we can assure you that we can meet your Spanish learning needs.

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