Basic Spanish for emergency workers

Fire - Police - Ambulance - FBI - Prison Guards - Government Workers - Medical Staff

Being able to communicate effectively with members of diverse communities can be of great benefit to you and your employer, especially when meeting the public, dealing with emergency situations and providing essential services.

We offer specially adapted lessons particularly suited to the needs of government, public service, police, fire, welfare and hospital workers. The curriculum is specially chosen for effective communication in work situations, asking questions in the right way, understanding the answers and giving instructions.

We can work around your shift hours so that you can get Spanish lessons for essential service workers when it suits you.

Emergency responders can use Spanish in many situations

To have a working knowledge of Spanish is a great advantage when applying for many positions and is an excellent addition to your resume. A 121Spanish diploma can in many cases earn you a pay rise.

"Employees who attain tested levels of language expertise through full-time training, part-time classes or self-study are eligible for monetary incentives." (Source: CIA)

"Fire fighters and other emergency responders receive additional compensation for speaking languages other than English. ... people in jobs where speaking Spanish is critical to communicating with the public have been identified as eligible for the $150 monthly stipend." (Source: Report on City Council language policies, Austin, Texas.)

We have a curriculum designed for you, so that you can easily pass the Spanish exam. You can schedule your online Spanish lessons with us to fit your busy life whenever it suits you!

121Spanish operates almost 24 hours a day and you set the time of the appointment, so you can fit your Spanish lessons in around changing shift patterns of work.