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Madrid collage from Wiki Media

Madrid - la capital de España

SPANISH-SPEAKING CITIES is a project that has been developed by our team of tutors. The goal is to show Spanish students around the world a little bit of the Spanish and Latin American culture by reading articles about various Spanish-speaking cities.

The articles offer a wide description of cities, traditions, culture, and people. They have all been written by our teachers, each describing the city in which they live or have lived in the past.

For that reason, we have also included an audio with the complete text for you to listen to the accent of that region while reading. We believe that learning to recognize the different accents of the Spanish-speaking world is a very important aspect of becoming proficient in the language.

To make it more challenging, we have included some exercises in each text. After reading them, your reading comprehension and your knowledge of the language will be put to the test!

Why not visit these cities in the Spanish-speaking world and read about and their unique cultures!

You can also meet our tutors based in Spain, the UK and various Latin American cities.