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Yeísmo and Voseo

Spanish Spoken in Argentina & Uruguay

In this video you will be introduced to some characteristics about Spanish from Río de la Plata. Río de la Plata is the river situated on the coasts of Argentina and Uruguay, so that region is called "Río de la Plata". These two countries share some peculiarities in the way Spanish is spoken and in how some words are pronounced.


In Argentina and Uruguay, when 'Y' and 'LL' appear at the beginning or in the middle of a word, they are pronounced like the "shh" sound. This feature is called "Yeísmo".


The language feature called 'voseo' involves some change of grammar. In Argentina and Uruguay, when referring to the second person singular, they use the pronoun 'vos' instead of 'tú' (utilización de 'vos' en lugar de 'tú'), and the verbs are conjugated differently with vos.

Check this video to find out more about Spanish from Río de la Plata: