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Video for Learning Spanish - Uruguayan Expressions

Common colloquial expressions in Uruguay

In Uruguay there are many expressions that are commonly used, as well as certain words that are typical in this country. Here you have some examples, and you can learn more of these words and expressions in our video. Here are just a few examples from the video.

  • La barra: A group of friends.
    Madre: ¿Hoy te juntás con la barra?
    Hijo: Sí, hoy vamos con toda la barra al partido.
  • Chiquilín / Chiquilina: A boy or girl. It can also be used to talk about friends and close people.
    María: Hoy vienen las chiquilinas a casa, ¿querés venir?
    Gimena: Dale, genial. ¡Nos vemos ahí!
  • Ta: Ok. Uruguayan people use this word all the time to agree with something or confirm they have understood something.
    Juan Martín: ¿Vamos al cine hoy?
    Pablo: Ta. ¿Le avisás a Simón?

Common colloquial expressions in Uruguay - video by 121Spanish

Getting to Know Uruguay

Uruguay is located in South America, bordered by Brazil and Argentina, and it has coasts along the Atlantic Ocean and the Río de la Plata. It is a small country, only 176,000 square kilometres, and its population is aproximately 3.4 million.

Its weather is warm and mild, and its geography is similar all over the country. It is a flat country popular for its fields, agriculture and farming and with an increasing tourist industry, especially in the south east region, where cities like Punta del Este are located.

Learn about Uruguay - video by 121Spanish

Uruguay is a presidential republic divided into nineteen departments. The capital, Montevideo, has more than half of the population of the country although it is the smallest department in terms of land area. The rest of the population is distributed in other cities, being Salto the second most populated department, located in the northwest of Uruguay, along the Río Uruguay and opposite Concordia, in Argentina.

You can learn more about Uruguay in the video above.