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Our mission is to provide the best possible Spanish teaching, tutoring and conversational service to students worldwide at competitive prices.

We are constantly testing the latest technology in our ongoing quest to be the highest quality Spanish lesson provider. Our teachers are experts in teaching Spanish via Skype to students worldwide.

Craig Jull

My name is Craig Jull, owner of 121Spanish. I enjoy traveling to different countries, meeting people and learning about different cultures. South and Central America are my favorite places and I now reside in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After studying in a Guatemalan Spanish school in 2006 I decided to offer an online service of Spanish tutors. After starting from scratch as one of the pioneers of online learning we have taught over 95,000 hours of Spanish classes.

I have invested seven years of time and effort into 121Spanish to make sure students get value for money and a great education. Nowadays I speak Spanish every day and enjoy the thought of becoming bilingual.

Lately it has become very expensive to travel and online classes offer a cheap and eco-friendly way to get quality Spanish lesons at a modest price.

Our tutoring team are all highly qualified teachers who are all native speakers. Everyday we receive applications from new tutors wanting to teach with us and select only the creme of the crop.

If you need more information, or just want to chat, you're welcome to contact me. I like to be upfront in allowing customers easy access so you can see who you are dealing with. Rest assured that if there is ever a problem you can talk directly to the guy who's in charge.

You can contact me by email admin@121spanish.com, or call me on 1(325)218-4787 (toll-free from USA) or email the Tutor's Office admin@121spanish.com.

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