Free Spanish Learning
Resources & Exercises

Free notes, videos, and interactive exercises about Spanish grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and culture.

Watch the short videos,then complete the free excercises. See our Spanish learning videos page.

Spanish Grammar Notes & Exercises

  1. Interactive exercises with notes, explanations about various aspects of Spanish grammar.

Spanish Accents Around the World

  1. Acentos del Español en el Mundo - Large map of Spanish-speaking countries & 33 videos from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish Idioms & Colloquial Expressions

  1. Costa Rican Spanish idioms.
  2. Spanish idioms from history - Part 1 and Spanish idioms from history - Part 2.
  3. Peruvian Spanish idioms.
  4. Mexican Spanish colloquialisms and expressions.
  5. Guatemalan Spanish idioms.
  6. Spanish colloquialisms and expressions.
  7. Video on Spanish idiomatic expressions.
  8. Spanish food idioms - examples and explanations.
  9. Spanish idioms video - video and notes.

Spanish Reading Comprehension

  1. DINKs - Double Income No Kids - La Generación DINK
  2. La Navidad en España
  3. El Café de Costa Rica
  4. Gastronomia Latinoamericana
  5. Article about Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa with vocabulary list and interactive exercises.

Pastimes, Sports & Hobbies

  1. Camping - video covering vocabulary for camping and some verbs you might need!

Getting to Know Spanish-speaking Cities

  1. Spanish-speaking Cities - articles, audio & interactive exercises.
  2. La Antigua, Guatemala
  3. Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
  4. Córdoba, España, 1
  5. Córdoba, España, 2
  6. Cusco/Cuzco, Perú
  7. Ipiales, Colombia
  8. Ciudad de México
  9. Sevilla, España
  10. Valencia, Venezuela

Current Affairs & Topical Events

  1. "Yo tengo un sueño" - article, vocabulary list, photo & interactive exercises.
  2. "Volver a la tierra tras cinco meses en el espacio no es fácil" - article, vocabulary lists & interactive exercises.

Spanish Vocabulary

  1. English words used in Spanish. NEW!
  2. Stereotypes & opinions
  3. Countries and nationalities (interactive exercises).
  4. Family relationships.
  5. Parts of the human body.
  6. Feeling unwell; expressing pain and minor ailments.

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E-books for Learning Spanish

  1. Realidades 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Quizzes and games for learning Spanish

  1. Test your level in Spanish grammar - interactive quiz.

Other Spanish learning materials

  1. Spanish pronunciation guide - the sounds of Spanish.
  2. Sample of the Spanish learning material for children (pdf).

Placement tests - Exámenes de Ubicacion pdf format

  1. Level 1 - Beginners (pdf).
  2. Level 2 (pdf).
  3. Level 3 (pdf).
  4. Level 4 (pdf).
  5. Level 5 - Advanced (pdf).

Spanish video clips

  1. Spanish videos.


  1. Types of Spanish course - How to choose the right type of course for you.
  2. Learn Spanish for Business.
  3. Spanish Lessons for kids.

We will continue to add more Spanish learning resources to this page so that you can always find new and interesting information that will help you learn Spanish.

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