121Spanish offers a wide range of various types of Spanish learning interactions,
taking account of students' needs and wishes.

Our Spanish courses are both flexible and adaptable. Flexible because you can choose when you want to study, and how often you want to study. Adaptable because we know that students study for a wide variety of reasons. Below are some of the courses that we offer, and you are welcome to introduce additional requirements and areas of focus to fit with your learning goals. Our teachers will provide materials and resources to optimize your learning experience, whatever your level and needs.

Our courses include:

online spanish course for professionals

General Spanish courses

We provide lessons at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and cover all necessary grammar and vocabulary for spoken and written Spanish in a wide range of settings.

learning spanish online as a professional

Spanish conversational practice in informal interactions.

You may already have a good grounding in Spanish but need to develop your fluency and listening skills in an informal setting.

online spanish course for business success

Spanish for business purposes

Develop your Spanish knowledge for business use - how to write business letters and use use correct language in business settings, including aspects of business culture and social conventions.

online spanish lessons for medical professionals

Spanish for emergency responders

Police, fire, rescue, ambulance, and other emergency workers have specific needs in learning Spanish to enhance their ability to deal with Spanish speakers in difficult situations. Also given the flexibility of our classes, they are ideal for shift workers and anyone who needs to schedule classes at different times each week or be able to change arrangements at short notice.

online spanish lesson for business professionals

Spanish for academic purposes

We can provide intensive revision, additional exercises, or remedial classes for students studying Spanish at school or college. You can spend as much or as little time as you wish on any topic that interests you, or any aspect of Spanish that you find difficult. We provide individual tutor support for any aspects of your choosing.

online spanish course for children

Spanish for children

Children have particular needs, not just in the simplicity of the vocabularly and grammar, but also the subject matter and style of teaching. We have Spanish tutors dedicated to teaching kids.

online spanish course for academic success

Homeschool Spanish Courses

Online Spanish for children who study at home - a great way to introduce professional Spanish tuition for parents who choose to teach their children outside the regular school system.

online spanish course for travel

Spanish for travel, tourism and cultural understanding

Going to a Latin country or Spain on vacation? Then sign up for a few online Spanish classes to be prepared to navigate your way around with some basic Spanish, and learn a little about the culture before you arrive.



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