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Monica - Spanish teacher from EcuadorSpanish Tutor from


Location: Ecuador
Location: Quito - Ecuador Education: Monica has a degree in Communication with mention in Corporate Communication- PUCE,She also is a Spanish teacher certified by the Spanish Institute of Ecuador (IE).
Experience: Monica has been teaching Spanish for 5 years. Proactive, empathy, friendly and motivating teacher. Knowledge in Spanish language Pedagogy and professional writing Language: Monica speaks intermediate
English I like music and arts. * RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN, YOUTH, ADULTS

Fernanda - Spanish teacher from SpainSpanish Tutor from

Fernanda View video

Location: Antigua, Guatemala.
Education: Fernanda has a degree from in Spanish from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and has been teaching online the longest out of all our teachers.
Experience: She has 10 years teaching experience.
Her friendly and upbeat attitude and ready smile make her students feel very welcome, and she livens up her classes with a light sense of humor.
Language: She speaks conversational English.

Giselle - Spanish teacher from SpainSpanish Tutor from

Giselle View video

Location: Mexico
Education: Giselle graduated with honors from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) with a degree in Spanish Linguistics and Literature, and has completed courses and certifications in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and in the teaching of Mexican culture.
Experience: Giselle is a dynamic teacher and passionate about Spanish, having more than 10 years of experience teaching this beautiful language. Giselle has ample experience in exam preparation for DELE, IB, and AP.
Language: she speaks fluent English.
Interest: Giselle loves to discover new places and learn about other cultures, and to share these experiences with her students. She is an avid reader, and a lover of animals and the natural world. She also loves to cook and spend time with her family.

Wilmarys - Spanish teacher from SpainSpanish Tutor from


Location: Quito, Ecuador
Gerardo has a degree like a Industrial Technician. He also has a diploma in teaching Spanish as a second language from the Academia Latinoamericana
Experience: Gerardo has been teaching Spanish in Quito for 19 years. He has worked with children for online classes from as young but he is comfortable with students of all ages. Also he has experience with DELE preparation
Language: Gerardo speaks intermediate English
Personal: Gerardo is interested in football and extreme sports.

Pablo - Spanish teacher from SpainSpanish Tutor from

Pablo View video

Location: Quito.Ecuador.
Pablo is Licenciado in Applied Linguistics and English from ESPE (Universidad Escuela Politecnica de Ecuador). His Teaching Spanish Course was provided by IE International. He also has a Masters' degree in Theology.
Experience: Pablo has been teaching Spanish in Quito for 25 years. He has worked extensively with children for online classes from as young as 9, but is comfortable with students of all ages.
He has a lot of experience with DELE preparation and Medical Spanish. Pablo speaks intermediate English.
He is interested in the Bible, English, and Languages in general, and Music

Maria - Spanish teacher from EcuadorSpanish Tutor from

Maria View video

Location: Quito, Ecuador.
Education: María has a degree from the Universidad Central del Ecuador in languages, with a focus on English and French. She also has a diploma in teaching Spanish as a second language from the New Life School at Loja University and Catholic University.
Experience: María has been teaching Spanish in Quito for 19 years. She has worked extensively, with students of all ages.
Language: María speaks intermediate English
Personal: María is interested in dance, literature, geography and history, hiking, and sports (volleyball).

Marielvira - Spanish teacher from SpainSpanish Tutor from

Marielvira View video

Location: Maracay - Venezuela
Education: Marielviraholds a degree in Tourism and she also graduated in Education majoring in English from Experimental and Pedagogic University Libertador with honors.
Experience: Marielvira is an experienced foreign language teacher who is fluent in English.
Interest: She loves learning about foreign cultures and customs and shares hers.

Odilia - Spanish teacher from GuatemalaSpanish Tutor from

Odilia View video

Location: Antigua, Guatemala.
Experience: With 17 years experience teaching Spanish, she has great depth of knowledge to help students move forward quickly. The hallmark of her approach is her patience with and attentiveness to the student. She is a fantastic teacher who speaks very slowly and clearly.

Roberto - Spanish teacher from SpainSpanish Tutor from


Location: Madrid-Spain.
Education: Roberto's background is in engineering, and he qualified at Instituto Cervantes to teach Spanish as a foreign language.
Experience: Roberto has been teaching for seven years. He is the perfect choice of teacher for general Spanish and also specialized lessons in business Spanish, technical language, engineering terminology, etc.
Language: Roberto also speaks English.
Interest: He is a fun and adventurous person who loves to travel. Due to his wide knowledge of Spanish culture he can advise you on anything you need to know about Hispanic culture in your conversations.

Ernesto - Spanish teacher from VenezuelaSpanish Tutor from

Ernesto View video

Location: Puerto Cabello, Venezuela Location: Maracay-Venezuela
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, specialisation in Modern Languages. Diploma in Tourism. Msc in International Management.
Experience: Ernesto has been teaching for over 17 years. He is specialized in Modern Languages.
Language: Ernesto also speaks English, Frecnh and a bit of Italian.
Interest: Music, films, running, football, going to the beach.



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